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July 8, 1999

Check out the following site for interesting (dated) information

      about the redevelopment of the Seattle Waterfront.


The World comes to Seattle:

Friend Edie from North Carolina and Sister Barbara from Chicago:

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Our Summer Events kick off with Tugboat races in front and WWII Fighters overhead:

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The first cruise ship shows up as well as the Navy and a 5K race(Power walk/walk?)

pic000187.jpg (20957 bytes)   pic000229.jpg (20777 bytes)   MVC-0104.JPG (15249 bytes)

2 Mile Panorama from the Marina to the North to Pioneer square in the South

PanoWFLWideArea.JPG (26400 bytes)

                                                      Our Condo ^

7/5/99 Dedication of our new Baseball stadium 1.5 miles South

PanoSafecoRibbonSharpen.jpg (41354 bytes)

PanoSafecoBleachersSharpen.jpg (40571 bytes)