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March 06, 2004

   Not much has happened here since the last update - it is the rainy season you know.  Everybody is doing well. Both Susan and Jon are in the process of being promoted into management positions at their firms. Tanner is on the Basketball team at school. It is sure great to have all of them around. The Seahawks made the playoffs and things are looking good for next year. The Mariners have a fight on their hands with the money thrown around by the Angels and Yankees.  We will go to 20 Mariner games this year as well as all the Seahawk games in the Fall. It is a tough life, but someone has to do it!


To emphasize the rainy season here, the rain police made me include the following picture:


More toys!  I have updated our Home Theater to a new 61 inch Sony Plasma HDTV and Jon now has the massive Pioneer Home theater that we had since 1998. I am scheduled to get one of the first 200 Hughes Satellite/HDTV/TIVO receivers scheduled for launch the 3rd week of March. We will then have access to HDTV material (our cable company doesn't yet support it, and you can forget about an over the air HDTV antenna in downtown Seattle).

To compare these, realize that both have the same speakers. You can see how the Pioneer dominated the old setup.



Obligatory pictures of Jerome and Spencer:



Friends from Pike Place Market:



Axel, the owner of a favorite Market restaurant - Maximillian's:



Recently I took a picture of Seattle with my new digital camera (Another new toy - a 4 Mega pixel Panasonic with a 12X Leica Zoom lens). This picture was stitched together from 17 separate shots and is so long I decided to display it here as three separate pictures. I have also printed this out as a 5 1/2 foot panorama.

From the Space Needle in picture one to the Baseball Stadium at the far right of the 3rd picture is about 2 1/2 miles. You can see how strategically placed Waterfront Landings is to all the activity of downtown Seattle.

The left section contains the Space Needle and Waterfront Landings (low series of 6 buildings at the right) The New Marriott is just to the left of WFL:

The middle section is the heart of the Central Waterfront and downtown:

The right section shows the Port of Seattle and our new Football and Baseball (to the right) stadiums:


And to show it hasn't been completely dull, we got our regular 5 year 4 inch snow storm this year.

Pike Place Market sure looks different without people! 

Pike Market, a favorite French Bistro (Cafe Campagne), and Post Alley: