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April 7, 2008


               The most significant events of the past six months are mostly sad ones.  We had to put Spencer down (we had him almost 18 years) - that is him on the left below with Audrey just a few weeks before the sad event.  Also Susan and Jay had to put down their big friend - Niko (preparing to do a trick with the dog biscuit).  We have since adopted a beautiful long hair that we have named Randolph - Winston Churchill's father's name.  The King is dead!  Long live the King!   Randolph is apparently around 4 years of age. No way to know for sure.  The Vet's estimate is based on the amount of tarter on his teeth.  He and Jerome (I am holding him in the picture below) are getting along just fine.

               On the bright side, Jon has a System development job at a company situated in an office building in Pike Place Market - right up behind us.  He no longer commutes 42 miles one way each day!

               Also a little bit of history - this is the 44th anniversary of the announcement of the System/360 by IBM. A truly significant date in the history of computing. I was privileged to be part of the development effort at the time, and it is one of the most cherished periods of my career.




The Seahawks won the West again (ho-hum), but didn't get past the Packers in the second round of the playoffs. The best pass-rusher on the team was Patrick Kearney. You can see how he gets a jump on the ball below! :>)  :>)  The other picture shows some of the issues with our running game. Shaun Alexander being swallowed up by 3 Packers and his blocker being swallowed up by two more.  Inexperienced line play coupled with Shaun being late to the hole, not breaking tackles, and not making anyone miss all contributed to a disaster of a running game for the Seahawks.



Pictures from Christmas:





Connor is growing rapidly as seen below.  And My friend Art Skolnik is now a proud grandfather!


No snow again this year in downtown Seattle - sniff, sniff.  I have included the picture below from several years ago for nostalgia purposes.



Another blast from the past. Yours truly negotiating in Jaffa, Israel twenty odd years ago. See the Uzi in the foreground?  I am playing around with selective de-colorizing some pictures. You see a lot of this in TV commercials these days - Gatorade, etc.


How about these pictures from our terrace! That is an Eagle over Elliot Bay in the first picture and Bainbridge in the background of the second. I don't know how many miles away Bainbridge is, but it is a 30 minute ferry ride. It is a tough life here, but some one has to do it!