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Tricked Up Photographs (Updated 09/12/2003)

This section is devoted to a new aspect of my Photography hobby - the ability to "Trick Up" or merge digital images in a variety of interesting ways. I use Adobe PhotoShop for this activity. I promise that "Tricked Up" photographs will only appear on this page of my web site. I will never mix normal photographs with "Tricked Up" versions. The latest examples will always be at the beginning of this page and will be dated.


Barbara Sapiente in a previous life (09/12/2003)      Welcoming the Kalakala to Washington Landing (09/12/2003)


Russian Attack helicopter over Elliot Bay (09/12/2003)           Dog Fight over Elliot Bay (09/12/2003)




Planes and things (10/11/99):

It is very difficult to capture planes, in general, much less with interesting backgrounds. The following three pictures remedy that problem with a little trickery. The aircraft carrier is dispatching the two fighter bombers to seek some revenge on the Japanese destroyers .


The Hercules is getting a "birds eye" view of the Lyle Lovett show out front here.

Mount Rainier and friends (10/11/99):

Recently we went to Mount Rainier with friends Brad and Mary Olson and conjured up this encounter with a bear.


Also I transplanted a Seattle ferry to Clear Lake near the mountain.


Waterfront Landings (10/11/99):

 I thought that we could use some "Old World charm" around here so I added the Colossus of Rhodes and invited Napoleon to the Condo.