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The Attached Pages document the development of Our New Condo Digs at Waterfront Landings in Seattle Washington. This has been an extended project dating back to October 1995. The time line has been:

  • October 1995: Attend Microsoft Annual Meeting in Seattle and accidentally discover plans for Waterfront Condos in the heart of downtown Seattle on Elliot bay. Call and find phase 1 already sold out.
  • Christmas Eve 1995: Salesman calls and says that Phase two will open for sale. We immediately commit to  2200 square foot 3 Bedroom, 2 1/2 bath top floor unit with 700 square foot terrace providing spectacular views of Elliot Bay, Mount Rainier, and the Olympic Mountains. Thrown in for free are incredible sunsets!
  • January 1996: Begin process of planning for and downsizing from 4000 Square foot House to 2200 square foot Condo. Don't feel sorry for us as the lost space consists of living room/dining room/central stair case areas that we didn't need anymore. In return we get a much larger family room area, which we very much do need! as to other rooms, we gave up nothing except going from 3 1/2 baths to 2 1/2 baths. Biggest issue is to unload all the unnecessary stuff we collected over 15 years that fills up the 4000 square foot house!
  • July 1996: Ground Breaking for Phase 2
  • January 1997: Jack begins laying over 1000 feet of coax/lan cable for Computer and Audio/Video distribution system.
  • September 1997: House in Woodside, California Sells.
  • October 1997: We move to Seattle and become first (and for 3 weeks, the only!)  tenants of phase 2.
  • March 1998: Very much settled in after 5 months. We had very high expectations for Seattle, and Seattle has EXCEEDED these expectations. We walk everywhere: Pike Market, the Waterfront, all of downtown, Seahawk football and Mariner baseball at the Kingdome. All this and no state income tax in Washington! There must be something wrong with this picture, but we have not found it as yet.                                                                        
  • August 1998:  Wrapping up an incredible summer. Rained just twice since June! Very much enjoyed the shows on the pier directly in front of us. Favorites were: Manhattan Transfer, David Grisman, and Judy Collins. There have been 17 major shows since the end of June plus another dozen or so "lounge" shows. We have hosted several "show" parties on our Terrace. Only downside here at this point has been the disappointing performance of the Mariners baseball team! Walking down to the Kingdome this afternoon(8/24/98) to see if they can do better against the White Sox. (They won 11 to 10, almost blowing a 9 - 1 lead in the last 3 innings!)