The van Kinsbergens of Seattle

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April 11, 1999

Things have been a little slow picture-wise since the last update. Comes with the gray winter. We are now headed into Spring and looking forward to it! And that is not an April fool's joke! We do have Spring here in spite of what the Rain Police spread around.

Another Panoramic View below - Waterfront Landings on the left,

Kingdome in the distance (1 1/4 mile), Elliot Bay in front.



Don't tell the Rain Police that I showed the following forbidden pictures!

(Note that these pictures were taken from our terrace).

PIC000035.JPG        PIC000045.JPG




Spencer at his Computer working on his NCAA basketball picks (He won)!



Dutch frigate "van Kinsbergen"         Another view of Waterfront Landings

FrigatevanKinsbergen.JPG pic000473.jpg


Xmas with Jon and Dana            Our neighbor "HizHonor" the Mayor awaiting Limo

PIC000302.JPG     mvc-0070.jpg


Cruise Ship outside our window