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October 15, 2004

   We had a fun filled and great summer this year.  One highlight was a two week cruise on the Baltic that took us from Denmark to Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Russia, Finland, and Sweden.  Another is the addition of one more member of the clan in Seattle.  Grand daughter Meghan (almost 21 now) is the latest to forsake the pleasures of North Dakota for the great Pacific Northwest. That makes 5 now who have followed our lead in that regard. She is going to school and working in Bellevue (about 10 miles from here).

   Our baseball team fell apart this year except for the monumental season that Ichiro had - one for the ages.  If this had happened in New York the media would have put it right up there with maybe a half dozen other accomplishments in the history of Baseball.  Two hundred Sixty two hits in a season - monumental. It broke a record that had stood for 84 years and hadn't even been approached since 1930. Fabulous.  We were there for a lot of it including the last day of the season, which is pictured below.

Ichiro getting number 262.  

Also above - Ichiro off second base reacting to long out against the wall by Edgar Martinez.                              

Audrey and friends Jim and Kathy, at right Sue and Bill (owners of the behind 3rd base dugout seats we regularly use).

Grand Daughter Meghan - Past and Present.




And speaking of History - recognize Audrey and Ruth?


These guys really have it tough. Spencer is showing his age though(14) with some kidney problems.

Pictures from the Baltic trip follow:

Riga, Latvia

Changing of the Palace Guard - Stockholm, Sweden


Gdansk, Poland                                                          St Petersburg, Russia


St Petersburg, Russia                                            Local color - Helsinki, Finland


 Talinn, Estonia                                                    Copenhagen, Denmark