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December 10, 2001

   Our life over the last six months has been much like the past four years - filled with the pleasant memories of life in downtown Seattle. As usual we have had several welcome guests, made a couple of pleasure trips, and experienced the events of summer in Seattle - in particular the Mariners (we went to around 15 games). I have illustrated such events for the past four years at this web site.

   This update will be different. In October our female cat, Clementine, of fifteen years went to Kitty heaven. Within two weeks we had adopted a new male cat, subsequently given the name Jerome. We have had four Cats since 1977, all adopted members of the Churchill dynasty. The latest has taken the maiden name of Winston's mother, Jerome as in Jennifer Jerome. Jenny was American, a fact that probably had a lot to do with Winston Churchill's combative and independent character. We had three basic criteria in the acquisition of a new cat: Good health, no bad habits, and the ability to get along with our surviving resident male Spencer. Jerome scores very high in all these (and other) respects. I am devoting this update to pictures of our Churchill cat dynasty.

A late picture of Clementine                The family Churchill

                                                        (L to R) Spencer, Jerome,


Jerome is 1 1/2 yrs, bigger than Spencer, and eats like a Great Dane!


Alert, curious, and fearless - not afraid of Teddy and the Cub at all!

                                  (Although the look indicates he is "on guard")


Obviously, Jerome and Spencer get along just fine.



Playing "Grab the Collar" (Current score: Jerome 16 - Spencer 11)

With an unexpected result!