The van Kinsbergens of Seattle

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April 25, 2001

Mount Ranier, Football Stadium Construction and The Baseball Stadium

New Camera Zoom from our terrace really brings the stadiums up close




Our Condo complex in center of the action. 

(Credit to the Cruise line for the picture)       Spencer having a typical rough day.




Thanksgiving with the Sapientes in Palm Springs.

Mathew and A.J  being cool.                             Daniele ready to deal!


John and Barbara overseeing it all.                  Amanda just being cute!




The Holidays in Seattle (Note the tie!).               

Jon and Dana and the old folks!                         Spencer eyeing the presents.




Oh yes, there was an Earthquake.                 

Mess is not us, by the way.                                   She lost her Starbuck's!


Bulk of the problem - bricks falling from old buildings. Minimal other damage.

    (Credit the Seattle PI for Earthquake pics)