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April 12, 2000

John McCain visits Seattle:

I believe him to be the best candidate from either party in 20 years, unfortunately that doesn't matter to the party establishment and money. McCain is much the maverick in the same mold as Teddy Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Harry Truman - three of my heroes because what they did was based on principle not just what was popular. I believe "McCain" to have the same "right stuff" in him. He will now be a real power to reckon with in the Senate.

Kingdome Destruction:

 (first 3 are from our terrace, rest from Newspaper)

Black spots are birds getting out!




Anniversary(31) at Snoqualmie Falls (35 minutes from here!):



Let this be a warning to you young folks about drinking and ........


And of course, Spencer, Clementine, and Winston: