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November 15, 2014

      All is well, Seattle except we are off to a cold start (at least for Seattle), down into high 20s at night, low 40s in the afternoon.  Seahawks have been dealing with a lot of injuries and the fact that they get the opponents "A" game every week as a result of winning the Super Bowl.  We are now entering the most critical period of the season and the Seahawks are showing signs of picking it up now. After winning the Super Bowl, ticket prices have gone up on Stubhub, but are not selling well at the stratospheric prices they have reached. At this point I have dropped my prices and have sold all games to date which has more than paid for the extra two seats and is covering a good portion of the two seats we use every week.

     Our Seattle tunnel project drill, Bertha, is still stuck.  Maybe next March it starts up again.  They are digging a huge hole in front of it so the drill head can be pulled out and lifted up for replacement and replace the bearings as well.    If it gets stuck again under Pioneer Square, they may have to just leave it there!

     Susan is now an independent consultant and doing very well as she is in great demand. Jon is still working up in one of the office complexes up in Pike Place Market and is doing well also. I am  still working on my Excel/VBA based Stock  portfolio package.  I have written at least 6,000 lines of VBA code and I am very pleased with the package, as well as the success of the stock portfolio itself. 

       I have documented my multiyear investment odyssey with particular focus on my learning experience of the last couple of years.  Click Here to view this document.

    Model of Bertha:

    In case you forgot where we live:       Friend of 47 years, Don Biresch and wife Marty summer visit:


    Friend of 51 years, Al Kolwicz and wife Suzy visited as well:

    Visit to Lemay Car Museum in Tacoma:


The annual visitation of Ships and Blue Angels out in front of us:





Our annual Fall river cruise in Europe, this time Regensberg, Germany to Vienna, Austria:

    with friends Tony and Pat Marshall: 

      Tony was at Boole with me back in the 1980s. 

       We hooked up in Seattle a couple of years ago and have lunch a couple of times a month:



Nuremberg, Germany:


Regensberg, Germany:



Along the Danube:

                                                                                                                                                        Our Tauck ship - the MS Savor:





Vienna, Austria:

         Nostalgia at a hotel we stayed at in 1982                     St Stephens Cathedral

                Imagine that this is a 19th century picture:


       Sunday afternoon in a Viennese park - Note Strauss in the background: