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January 13, 2012


               All is well, Seattle is having a very mild winter.  Not much happening, other than the state has overcome the last protests to the destruction of our waterfront Viaduct.  Yippee!. We are now entering the 15th year of our "vacation" here in the Emerald city - Seattle. 


The beautiful skyline of the Emerald City, cruise ship coming in early AM,  a low hanging moon,

 the obligatory sunset picture and oh by the way - a fire in the Olympics.







The family during the holidays.  Jon and Dana enjoying the summer.

Susan and her new digs in Portland with a view from her window.

She has moved to Portland and is running a dental lab there.

Grand Nephew Connor growing up rapidly, and a visit from Audrey's cousin Sheryl.





Seafair again in August!



The Russian STS Pallada is a classroom without comparison, since

it holds the Guinness World Record as the fastest

mono-hull sailing ship (over 20 knots). Audrey and I visited it out front this summer

 (you can just see our condo in between the two sailers).







This Fall I acquired a new Sony Alpha 77 "DSLR" camera.   DSLR is in quotes as Sony has devised

a method that eliminates the drop down mirror that all SLRs have had previously.

Could be a portent  of things to come.  I tried it out as the Seahawks destroyed the Eagles

in a Thursday night game.  First a great offensive play, then a great defensive play.

Finally a pic demonstrating how the Seahawks turned the Eagles "Every which way but loose".





Finally, I have been upgrading other technology as well. A new Panasonic Plasma 65 inch

3D television and a new Onkyo Audio/Video Receiver. Then I converted to the latest DirecTV

Satellite technology, and installed a Home Theater PC.  The final Pic shows that

"the lab" keeps growing.