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April 7, 2010


               All is well, Seattle had a very mild winter and we are looking forward to the Spring. Our spreadsheet now lists 192 restaurants we have walked to from our condo.  We are looking forward to a visit soon from Al Kolwicz, a good friend from IBM Poughkeepsie days in the mid 1960s.  He and his wife are going to take a cruise from Seattle in early June. We have not seen them in 20 years.

               Speaking of IBM, this is the 46th anniversary of the announcement of the System/360 by IBM. A truly significant date in the history of computing. I was privileged to be part of the development effort at the time, and it is one of the most cherished periods of my career.

The really big news these days is the pending marriage of Granddaughter Meghan to Aaron in June.  What a great looking couple!   Meghan and Aaron look pretty good too!  :>) :>)




 Oh, and lest I forget - we are remodeling our master bathroom.  We have completely destroyed it and are almost finished with the rebuild.





Connor growing up and looking mean at Halloween.



We are aging reasonably well, I think:


Celebrating our 41st with fireworks provided right out in front of our Condo!



Our Condo and the skyline


Oh, yes - I can't forget opening day at the new Hard Rock right behind us.


And some miscellaneous pictures from the Emerald City.