The van Kinsbergens of Seattle

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September 10, 2009


              All is well, and after 12 years we are still on vacation at the most central spot to enjoy the Emerald City - Seattle. Our spreadsheet now lists 190 restaurants we have walked to from our condo.  We did stray away from Seattle for a couple of week river boat cruise in France, Germany and the Benelux in May.






A beer and Schnitzel on the Moselle.



Along the Rhine



Gent, Belgium



Admiral van Kinsbergen in the New Kirk in Central Amsterdam.



Following we have our normal collection of Seattle clowns.  The first is Thomas, the Balloon man

of Pike Place Market. The others are government officials. We attended a signing ceremony where our 

Governor signed the bill that provides money for the removal of our waterfront viaduct and the 

construction of a tunnel to replace it. The man in the red tie is our Mayor who was subsequently 

defeated in a primary by two political neophytes. The incumbent was a two term Mayor and President

of the United States Conference of Mayors.  The two guys that defeated him have zero political 

experience, one hasn't even voted in 10 years.  But experience doesn't seem to matter at any 

level of executive responsibility to the voters of this nation anymore.





And then the normal goings on in front of us in the summer season.





And then there is Randolph.