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May 04, 2006

    It looks like it has been over a year since my last update - where has all the time gone?  In the last year or so things have been fairly quiet.  I don't go anywhere anymore as Seattle gives me all I need. Audrey visited her sister in Massachusetts and also attended the birth of her niece in Green Bay.   I take a lot of pictures and turn them into slide shows with motion and music.  I have scanned in all the slides I took in Europe, the Far East, and Israel in the 1980s and 1990s. At this point I have about 50,000 pictures in my database.

   The Mariners are in the tank, The Seahawks almost won the Super Bowl (and would have except for the officials), and I have zero interest in professional Basketball.



Audrey's niece Sandra and her husband Randy have a new child - Conner.  Congratulations all.  Audrey and Ruth went to Green Bay to participate.


Jon and Susan at a very, very young age.                          A visit from Cheryl and Dennis.


Susan's family.                                                       Proud (and asleep) father - Randy Beaver.


Obligatory pictures of Seattle sunsets.


Biggest Mariner excitement last year - Edgar Martinez retirement.    And don't forget our dancing ground crew! After all, after two straight 90+ loss seasons (and another in the offing), we have to get excited about something!


Audrey with local Fox Sports Analyst Bill Krueger.  The last Trolly day for a couple of years (at least).


Biggest Seahawk excitement obviously was the Super Bowl. 

The Mayor leading a rally for the Super Bowl, and the Seahawks playing the Redskins.


There is an earthquake preparedness requirement to do something about the Viaduct that spans the Seattle waterfront (and right behind us). The idea is to build either a tunnel (for which funding is suspect), or rebuild it for a mere $3B (which would be monumentally stupid. Either approach would tear up the waterfront for almost a decade. My friend Art Skolnik is leading the charge to just get the current structure fixed.  Much less money and a viable proposition (unless you believe the people who want to replace it). Below he is holding a press conference, and is also shown (in right hand picture) with the City Council President Nick Licata at the press conference.


I thought you would enjoy some pictures of Pike Place Market characters.





This is Hot! Both the Jam and the salesman.              Harry - our Crab and Fish merchant.


St Patrick's Day at the Market.