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March 04, 2002

In the middle of December the four of us (Audrey, Jack, Jon, and Dana) took a wonderful all day train trip to a Bavarian village called Leavenworth here in Washington. This town has done a wonderful job of recreating itself in a very authentic Bavarian image. As you can see the vistas from the train were wonderful as was Leavenworth itself. it even snowed all day long! At dusk they staged a lighting ceremony that not only illuminated their Christmas tree but the entire town itself.  It is a long way from Garmisch and Berchtesgaden but it was great fun all the same.





Jerome and Spencer are still getting along just fine. We now refer to them sometimes as Clouseau and Cato after the Pink Panther characters. If you recall, Cato would regularly attack Clouseau in order for Clouseau to remain sharp. Although accepted by Clouseau, Cato seemed to do it at the most inappropriate times. It seems that Jerome must have seen the movie! He will attack often when Spencer is asleep somewhere. Although Spencer joins in the fun (ala Clouseau), he really would have rather stayed asleep! In these pictures, they are both peacefully at rest.



Jerome is into water as a toy!


And of course the obligatory sunset from our terrace.