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December 30, 2008


               It has been over 8 months, so it is time to update as follows with a lot of pictures this time.   All is well, and after 11 years we are still on vacation at the most central spot to enjoy the Emerald City - Seattle. Our spreadsheet now lists 182 restaurants we have walked to from our condo.  We did stray away from Seattle for a couple of week cruise of the British Islands in June.

              As an aside, I have discovered a fundamental truth about governance in the  People's Republic of Seattle. As a result of being fairly close to some of the issues dealt with by this government, I can report that incompetence on many levels is alive and well.  I have concluded that the more dysfunctional this government is, the better.  This city has something that they call the Seattle process that basically means everyone gets to participate.  That means that special interests have  Harder (but not impossible) time ramming things through in the name of "progress".  Since it is rare to get consensus on almost anything, almost nothing gets done. Or it takes so long, that the real facts ultimately become clear, technology changes, or the problem is handled some other way.  I have discovered that the result is that while progress is minimal in many ways; big mistakes are avoided as the result of inaction.  The small town charm of Seattle's downtown and a lot of history is preserved as a result.  Since I don't have to deal with the resultant gridlock, commute issues, or companies moving away - I don't care about such inconveniences. Downtown Seattle is a wonderland as a result of all this.   I can only hope that such dysfunction continues for many years to come.


This is a Christmas family picture of the clan at Susan's home in Issaquah.  She outdid herself in preparing the most wonderful Christmas dinner and a good time was had by all.

Hear no evil, speak no evil, see no evil.


















  The boys are doing well.                                                                          I visited the zoo and here are some of my new friends.

                                 This guy charged at me from 100 yards away roaring all the way. I took a dozen pictures from behind the glass as he came at me.



In June we took a cruise around the British Islands, everything went great - especially the logistics of travel in the modern era!

























The bad news is:

All Seattle sports went in the tank this year. The Mariners became the first team with a $100M payroll to lose a 100 games.

The Seahawks went 4 and 12 in Mike Holmgren's last year.

The University of Washington Huskies football team didn't win a game.

The Seattle Supersonics moved to Oklahoma.

And even the minor league hockey team moved to Renton!

But we are getting an MLS soccer team!


Jose Vidro strking out.                                Most exciting play of the year was the tackle of an idiot on the loose in Right Field.


The RedSox get all the breaks - he was called safe!                                    The Blue Angels make their annual visit past our condo.


Jay and Susan at a Seahawk game.                                                                A rare great catch by a Seahawk wide receiver.


The leading Seahawk receiver is a rookie tight end, scoring here.                              Much of our QB time was taken by our backup.



The good news is:

I have been hoping for a good Snow for 11 years, and we finally got one this Christmas.

Most of these pictures are in Pike Place Market, some in front of the Condo.

The ruler is indicating almost 9 inches on our terrace.                                     Up the trolly tracks just North  of our Condo.





In front of our Condo.


Shots up two hills from the Pike Place Market.  Stuck stupidly trying to go up one, taking the fun way down the other.