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April 23, 2007


               Since my last update, we have had a marriage and a one year birthday.  In the process we have welcomed two additions to the family. Susan's husband Jay Haines and Sandy's son Connor Beaver.  The first five pictures below document these events.   When discussing the growth of our family, we can't ignore the fact that Tanner is now the tallest member - at about 6 foot 2 as near as I can tell.

               The Mariners are in the tank, the Seahawks had far too many injuries to overcome (although they did get past the first round in the playoffs), and the Sonics are gone. The first is a definite downer, the second is still positive, and the last is positive as well (at least as far as I am concerned).











  Audrey the activist and my bemused friend Art Skolnik.           Taken with new 200-500 zoom from 200 feet away.



Jerome on alert as he always is.                         The Navy at Seafair. Definitely a reduced presence the last few years.



Brought home some new pets from the Woodland Park Zoo.



Upgraded my system. The four Monitors act as one(5120 by 1024 panorama) from my new 4GB Vista 64 bit Dual Core system.