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On June 6 1998(54 years since D-Day, but more importantly 39 years to the day of my graduation!), Audrey and I went( A 25 minute walk to the stadium) to our first Mariners game of the season. We had great seats just behind the Mariners dugout, thanks to a friend of a friend  It should come as no surprise that the opponent was my favorite team the Los Angeles Dodgers. Final score Dodgers 10 Mariners 6!

I took my trusty Olympus D600-L Digital Camera and caught Ken Griffey Junior in his version of "Casey at the Bat" as follows:

"Mighty Griffey at the Bat"         "Mighty Griffey Swings and Does not Strike out!"

GriffeyReady2.jpg (8560 bytes)                  GriffeySwings.jpg (7591 bytes)

"Mighty Griffey's famous HomeRun Trot   And scores after hitting his HomeRun

GriffeyTrot.jpg (6545 bytes)                  GriffeyHome.jpg (6902 bytes)

The Moose goes nuts!         And shows discernment in choice of dance partner!

GriffeyMooseHappy.jpg (12981 bytes)                  GriffeyMooseDances.jpg (10585 bytes)


On the way back, we ate at a great Seattle restaurant - Elliot's on the waterfront. All in all, a great day! We have four more Mariners games tickets for this season.