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See Memoirs                       <==  IBM Poughkeepsie experiences helping to develop OS/360 from 1963 to 1967.

See Investment Document  <==  Investment odyssey document with focus on development of a Large Cap dividend Portfolio.


                 This is my personal Web Site and is "Permanently Under Construction" (like San Jose's Winchester House) using Microsoft's FrontPage 2000. The idea is to document the history of our  "digs"  in Seattle and to provide updates of our activities over the years. I started this in 1998 and this is the 17th year of regular updates (January 2014). All changes since the initial creation in 1998 can be found under "What's New".   

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       To the right (about 1.2 Miles from us) are the new stadiums and off the picture to the left (about 1 Mile from us) is the Space Needle. Directly behind us is the Pike Place Market and within half a mile all of downtown - including the new downtown Nordstrom's that opened 8/21/98 - see Audrey, credit card in hand, poised inside within 10 minutes of it's opening!. Also Audrey enjoying fresh crabs on our terrace on one of those great summer evenings in Seattle (whoops! - I mean it was raining like Hell and none of you should move here! - Wow, the "Rain Police" almost got me on that one!).

The following link will take you to a slide show of some Adobe Photoshop work I have been doing with the old Kalakala.

   Kalakala ==>  Kalakala Slide Show


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